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September 24, 2017

If you read the title of this post and your first thought was that this would someway be related back to me waiting to have sex until I'm married... don't worry it's not! That boat sailed a long time ago... (sorry Mom and Dad)

However, it is about why I'm spending my 20's focusing on myself before getting into a serious relationship. I think it's easy for both girls and guys to feel pressure when they start seeing their life long friends begin the next exciting phase of their life... but I'm here to tell you it's completely OKAY if you're just not there yet! Hell... I'm not and I feel like I'm living out the best years of my life!

I want to spend my 20's...
  • discovering what passions drive me to stay up to 2 AM because I too excited to stop what I am doing
  • finding what gets me out of bed at 6 AM with the energy to take on the world
  • focusing on growing my career
  • traveling the world 
  • discovering what television shows can make me smile after long days at work
  • going on so many "girls" trips that my stomach hurts from laughing so much
  • being selfish and putting myself first 
  • being 100% financially sound on my own
  • decorating my apartment in all things glam and girly
  • going back and getting my Masters Degree
I think you get the point... so while everyone else is out swiping right and going on endless bumble dates... I'm going to be taking my sweet time and doing me and I hope my future boyfriend/lover/hubbie/soul mate is out living his 20's to the fullest as well!  

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