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July 31, 2016

It's crazy to think this Thursday will mark 3 months in Chicago and while I don't think I was ever truly prepared for a move this big... I'm so glad I took a leap faith. If I had to explain to anyone how these past couple of months have been it would go a little something like this - graduating and moving across the country by yourself and not knowing anyone feels a little like someone tied weights onto your ankles and then threw you in the deep end of the pool. I know... I'm dramatic but that is truly what the first couple of weeks felt like. I don't think you are every truly ready to grow up but somehow you just start going through the motions and before you know it  you are going through your days, paying your bills, cleaning your apartment, and you wake up and are like "Holy crap! I did it! I'm figuring out this thing called growing up one day at a time!" A couple of things I've learned since moving to Chicago.
  1. Use a gas powered stove
  2. Navigate public transportation like a #BOSS
  3. Set up auto pay for bills #NoLateFees
  4. Build IKEA furniture
  5. Set up an internet router
  6. Enroll in benefits
  7. Be responsible for another being beside myself... I love you Doak
  8. A/C is expensive - opening your windows is free
  9. Sometimes you just need a 2 hour phone call with your best friend  
  10. Leaving everything you've ever known is never easy but "Nothing worth having comes easy"
Chicago, I can't wait to learn everything else you have to offer and thanks for being the best decision I ever made for myself. 


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