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May 10, 2016

It's amazing to think that I started this blog over three years ago when I was going through a break up and needed something to focus my time and energy on. Although I've ignored my blog off and on for the past year or so... I never forgot about her (yes I refer to my blog as a her - we have shared a lot of personal stories together lol). There have been plenty of times that I would log on, type up a blog post about what had been going on in my life, and it would end up getting saved as a draft and never posted.

While it saddens me that I haven't had the time to give my blog the attention it deserved, it also excites me as I am about to enter an exciting time in my life and I can't wait to share it with you all. I recently graduated from Florida State University and decided to pack my bags and head to the Windy City of Chicago to start what I think will become my dream job! There has been so much change in my life over the past couple months from finishing my senior year of college, having an internship with HSN, going back to FSU to graduate, and ultimately packing my life up and road tripping to Chicago. I can honestly say it is so nice to know that I am here to stay and have some consistency in my life again!

As you all know, when I started this blog I was a 18 year girl trying to find her voice - I was obsessed with makeup, clothes, and any other girly things I could get my hands on! Well here I am now 21 almost 22 and I can honestly say I have grown up a lot in last 3 years - and with that means its time for my blog to grow up as well. Thus, new posts might not be what you are used to if you have followed my blog since the beginning.

Since it has been awhile since I have updated you all I want to share a little about me and what I'm currently obsessed with. I absolutely love minimalist design and learning more about how to live a minimalist life. I have also grown to have an interest in learning about clean eating and transitioning over to completely vegan and cruelty free makeup up and beauty products. So while these might not be the topics that I would have talked to you all about in the past they are topics I have grown passionate about and can't wait to share more with you.

For those of you that have reached out during my break from blogging I will be forever grateful for you!

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