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May 31, 2014
Hi Girls! 

So you decided to take the first step and sign up for sorority recruitment...YAH!!! I can't wait for you to embark on this fun and exciting journey to finding your "home away from home". If you are anything like me you are probably overwhelmed and nervous about the entire recruitment process...well let me tell you, you're in the right place! I promise to be your big sister through this entire process and give you the inside scoop on all things sorority recruitment. 

Today I am going to talk about what to wear during your entire journey through recruitment! From Round 1 - Bid Day I have you covered so you can go in fully prepared and ready to kill it! Lets just say with my help your outfits will not only be on point but also the least of your worries and you can now start focusing on other aspects leading up to recruitment! 

This is the typical outline of the days that you will have during your recruitment process (this is FSU's recruitment break down and what I have found is that most schools are identical or extremely similar)

  • Scholarship Round (Monday and Tuesday): Panhellenic will provide you with an official Recruitment t-shirt for you to wear on each of these two days. You should also wear casual shorts or a casual skirt and very comfortable shoes (sandals, closed-toed shoes, flats).
  • Leadership Round (Wednesday and Thursday): Casual and lightweight tops with casual skirts or shorts is appropriate attire for this round.
  • Service Round (Friday): This round is more formal than the previous rounds, and it is appropriate to wear a nice sundress or casual dress. A skirt outfit would also be appropriate. You will be walking less on this day, so nicer sandals or dress shoes are appropriate.
  • Sisterhood Round (Saturday): Sisterhood Round is the most formal round of recruitment. Chapter members will be dressed formally, and it would be appropriate for you to wear a formal dress with dress shoes.
  • Bid Day (Sunday)

*What you will notice is that the rounds become more formal as you go on*

Let's just say you are an extremely lucky girl because you are about to see exactly what I wore every day for recruitment! 

Featuring my amazing selfie skills! 

Round 1 - Day 1

Panhellenic provided us with t-shirts this round! Make sure during this round you wear shorts of appropriate length! Remember you are not trying to impress boys! My shorts are from Express and were the perfect length and fit! (I will actually be wearing these shorts again for recruitment this year... However this time I will be rushing you all instead!) Make sure you wear comfortable flats or sandals this day! You will be walking the most this day.

*Bonus Tip: add a statement necklace to stand out amongst other girls*

Round 1 - Day 2

This outfit is basically the same as the previous day with the same shirt in just a different color. This day I added a cute belt and necklace to make the outfit looked more pulled together.

(Pssst. I am in the front row all the way to the left... this was my first ever sorority squat!!!)

Round 2 - Day 3

This was probably my favorite outfit from the week! I paired an American Apparel body suit with a high waisted skirt from Express. I completed the outfit with a statement necklace and my MK watch. For this day I wore black comfortable black sandals.

Round 2 - Day 4

I chose to wear a sundress this day and paired it with a fun statement necklace to add more color to a rather bland dress! My only negative about this was that I didn't realize I was wearing UF colors... but it obviously wasn't a problem since I still got asked back to houses the next round lol

Round 3 - Day 5

As much as I love this dress and this outfit! This is the epitome of what not to wear for recruitment! First off, it was extremely hot out that day... so wearing black was an automatic bad idea. Next, it was extremely long when it began raining later in the afternoon the train of my dress was drenched in rain. If I could redo this outfit I would wear something more along the lines of the dress to the right with brown wedges.

Round  4 - Day 6

This is the most formal round of them all and your outfit should reflect that! I wore a tea length lace dress with nude pumps. 

*This is also the the most serious round when it comes to recruitment. During this round sororities will be sharing some of their rituals with you making it one of the more personal and sentimental experiences during recruitment* 

It's extremely important to chose a very classy and lady like dress for this round! You want to show the sorority that you are very serious about all they have to offer and that it would be a privilege for you to be apart of their sorority. If you wouldn't wear it to tea with your grandma DO NOT WEAR IT DURING THIS ROUND.

Bid Day - Day 7

YAH!!! You made it to Bid Day!!! Make sure to wear shorts and comfortable sandals (that you can run in... you will be running from where you open your bids to your house) for this day! You are going to be spending the day with all your new sisters! Some sororities have bounce houses or slides set up outside for bid day so you definitely don't want to be wearing a dress or skirt during this day!

I hope by being able to see what I wore for recruitment you will have better understanding of what is and isn't appropriate during recruitment. Like always feel free to comment me any questions you have or message me photos of your outfits for further help! 

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May 18, 2014
This is a letter to my future sorority little... I thought it would be cute to show her on her big/little reveal night just how much she meant to me even before she knew me!  Hope you enjoy a glimpse into the excitement I have over getting to have someone so precious come into my life in a few short months! 

Dear Little!

It's Big Little Reveal Night can you believe it?!?! 

But before I can shower you in love and hugs I want you to read something I wrote for you on
 May 16th, 2014.

 I am currently sitting in my parents movie room on a crappy pull out bed because we have visitors here from Holland. I actually turned the lights out and got cuddled in and then this whole letter to you came into mind and now I am awake and typing this even though it is currently 1:00 am... if you don't feel loved now I don't know if you ever will... I am missing out on precious sleep for you.

I thought this would be a fun thing to do since one day you will not be a figment of my imagination anymore and will in turn be one of the most precious things in my life. I thought it would be fun for you to read this once you are my little and realize how much you meant to me even before I knew you!

Sooo let me tell you... I talk about you all the time! No like seriously I dream up crazy scenarios about our life together and what you are going to be like on a daily basis. I think your G and your soon to be Kappa Big (aka Mia) are annoyed at this point. I wonder if you are going to have long hair or short hair (Which by the way me and your G right now currently have short hair and are considering becoming the Bob Hairstyle Family lol so if you have short hair thats a major + but if not we will still love you I promise), what your name is, what your passions in life are, and so much more! 

Its funny because as you will soon come to find out, me and your G are like UBER close... probably unnaturally close. A lot of people think that it will be hard for me to find a little that fits into our family; but to them I say screw'em because I know you are already going to be the most bomb ass little ever and will be loved in our family more than you will ever know! 

I already have so many aspirations for you I feel like a proud mom and I still haven't met you... It's all very weird if you ask me but that's how I know God is putting someone so great into my life.

I want you to be successful in whatever you do! I want you to know that even if you are drunk at a bar at 3 am and you call me to pick you up... that yes I might be a little upset but I will be so happy that you are safe with me instead of someone I don't know. I want you to know that my door is always open and that you always have a shoulder to cry on... because I know that college is hard, parents suck sometimes, and boys can well... let's just say go to hell. 

But now Little it is the most important part!!! Put on your Big/Little Reveal outfit and get ready to meet me because at this point I am probably dying of excitement in a little box somewhere ready to pop out and become your big!!!

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