July 26, 2013
Guess what....

I am going to New York for my BIRTHDAY!!!! Ahhhhh I am so excited to spend my birthday in my dream city with one of my best friends! (side note: my best friend Madison actually has been living in New York for the past month and a half doing an internship with Alvin Ailey! Why can't I be her... lol)

So yea... I leave this upcoming Thursday and will there August 1st through the 5th!

Some tentative plans as of now are

     1.) Go see Chicago on Broadway
     2.) Meet with my internship's corporate office (I am an Intern at Rent the Runway)
     3.) Window shop down 5th avenue
     4.) Visit the MET
     5.) Take the stereotypical tourist picture in Times Square

I also have an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl and will probably try to visit as many places that they filmed at (side note 2: Blake Lively/Serena's style is perfection and Leighton Meester/Blair's lingerie in the show is just the classiest and sexiest stuff... I'm obsessed)

I can't wait to share all my pictures with you girls when I get back!

If you have visited New York and know some good hole in the wall food places, let me know in the comments below!
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