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September 29, 2013
Hey girly girls,

So I know I am totally failing with this whole posting on every Tuesday and Thursday but I'm trying I promise! I thought a good come back post would be pics of my completed dorm room for the year! Hope you find it as pretty as I do <3>

I am freaking obsessed with this bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond! It has all the major fashion capitals of the world on it and since I am a fashion major... it's pretty much perfect!

I reused my cubicle storage from my dorm last year and just bought new black cubes to go in it this year to better match the overall feel and look of the room!

This might be my favorite part of my room!!! I really missed having a primping area in my room last year so I knew this year it would be a necessity and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

My mom and I found this lamp at Kirkland's and it provides the perfect ambient light in my room at night when I don't want to use my fluorescent lights.

Just another view of the beautiful Marilyn and primping area.

How cute are these dress forms from Ross! I used the same type of Command Hook that I used to hang my icicle lights in my bedroom last year and they worked perfect! I was actually shocked they were able to hold the weight of the dress form and the necklaces!

My roommate last year bought be this necklace dress form because she knows my obsession with Paris! 

This is the same shoe storage device I used in my dorm room last year however this year I made it the full length going down the door.

Here I used the double hanging rod from Bed Bath and Beyond that I talked about in a previous post here.

Okay I know I am probably the only person to change the light switch but I couldn't resist when I found this super cute one from Icing.

This is on the outside of my door leading into my room and is also from Icing! Love the Quote!!!

Quick view of my study space!

This is probably one of my favorite aspects of my room! But one this that really aggravated me last year was not having a headboard... Yea I know of all things to aggravate this was it but I found these plastic room dividers from The Container Store and arranged them in a 2X2 pattern to create the optical illusion of a headboard! I am really happy how it turned out!


August 31, 2013
Hey girly girls!

As explained in a previous post I have been trying to clean out all of my beauty products and get down to only having the absolute essentials! Let me just say this is going to take a lot longer to accomplish than I originally thought... but I am slowly but surely getting there!

This is a combination of both July and August empties since neither month had enough to really do a full post for itself.

I received these deluxe samples in one of my magazines that I am subscribed to and I must say I absolutely loved these!!!! My hair has never felt so soft and luxurious in a while... I am actually quite bummed that I still have so much Biolage shampoo and conditioner to go through before I can go and purchase these from the drugstore! 

This also came in the same magazine subscription as the L'Oreal products above. I thought this left my legs extremely silky but I can't say that it provides a closer or longer lasting shave. 

This was a sample from one of my Birch Boxes. The scent was a mix of coconut and mint and lingered on your hair long after taking a shower. I can't say that I would go out and repurchase this again but it was nice while it lasted :)

Okay so this is my absolute favorite face wash in the entire world and I am pretty sure I will be using this product for a very long time! I actually used up the toner that goes along with this product as well but forgot to save the bottle! 

A daily skincare routine will be coming soon!

There is nothing really to say about these besides that they are mascara lol. I would have to say that the Falsies is probably my favorite when it is brand spanking new but the Clinique one runs a close second! I am not picky when it comes to my mascara so I would most likely repurchase any of these.

This was definitely not one of my favorite products and it actually took me over a year to finish this thing but I am glad it is finally used up and GONE! When I first purchased this I thought it was like a deep conditioner but it proved to just be a basic conditioner with a thicker texture.

These makeup wipes might be my all time favorite! I can not even count how many packs of these I have gone through because it would honestly be in the 30's or 40's. I love using these to remove all my face makeup before washing my face for the morning or night. 

The MAC cleanse off oil is truly something special but I don't know if it is worth the price that comes along with it... However, if you ever need to remove excess amounts of waterproof mascara this thing does the trick and fast.


August 26, 2013
Hey there girly girls!

So as we all know or if you are new to this blog... Welcome!... I am back at school! Now this brings good and bad so because I have always wanted to know the bad news first I am going to start off with that.

Bad: Due to my schedule and all of the clubs, organization, and sorority events I am apart of, the only days that I will be able to upload to this blog will be Tuesday and Thursday with an occasional post on Sunday!

Good: I am so stoked to be back at school and I have lots of information to share with you! No like literally... a lot of stuff! Just some of my posts that I have planned are...

1.) Rush Outfits and Recruitment 101
2.) Lights will guide you home (About my sorority)
3.) July and August empties
4.) Waltz and Socials OOTN

I am also a blogger for Rent the Runway on campus this year, a blogger for Loreal Paris, and a new campus ambassador for The Intern Queen! Through these opportunities I learn tons of valuable information that I think my college gals especially will find extremely interesting!

I can't wait to get this year started!


August 15, 2013
This is just going to be a super quick post about how to make moving into your dorm the quickest and easiest for everyone. Packing has actually been the reason why I have been missing in action this past week... it's literally consuming my life and I can't wait to be settled back into Tallahassee this Sunday!

1.) Start off by going to your local U-haul or any store that sells packing boxes. You are going to want to put EVERYTHING that you are taking in these boxes... there should be absolutely no individual items laying around when you are done with this step. 

However, if you do have big bulky things that will not fit in a box those can be left out. Almost all dorms will have dollies available for you to use during move in and now that all your things are in boxes you will easily be able to stack everything and cut your amount of trips to and from your car in half.

2.) When packing your closet pick out all the clothes you plan on taking and than cut that amount in half! Side note: unless you have read my "College Dorm Decor Series Part 3" than baby pack as much clothes as you want because I assure you, you will have no problem fitting it all ;). 

Remember to take into account the temperature of the city you are moving to. For example, in Tallahassee it doesn't get cold until the end of November or early December so I am only packing my absolute favorite jeans and leaving the rest of them at home.

3.) If you are rushing a sorority pack the clothes and makeup that you will need for the first couple days in a separate bag that way if all your boxes don't end up getting opened on move-in day you will still have your outfits in easy reach and wont be digging through boxes the morning of. 

Hope these simple tips helped some of you and will make your move in process a tad less stressful! 

I can't wait to share with you guys my dorm room for this year once I finish decorating it this weekend!


August 6, 2013
"But how am I going to fit all my clothes into my tiny dorm room!" If you have ever said this than you are in the right place! Today we are going to tackle the closet and how to maximize our space to hold the most clothes.

Most closets in college are the width of the average door with one rod going across and a shelf at the top with about 2 feet of space above it. Now for me this only held about all my dressier shirts and a few blazers... uhmm hellooo what was a supposed to do with all my pants and dresses that were still packed in boxes...

The solution: a double hanging rod that gives you double the amount of hanging space!!! I know pretty exciting if you ask me. These are sold in pretty much any home organizational store; for example Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store.

This is the Umbra Bungee System from the container store

I don't like the bungee system that this one runs on
I have tried both the one the Container Store sells and the one that Bed Bath and Beyond sells and I must say I do favor the one from Bed Bath and Beyond! Now I'm not saying that the umbra one is bad but it just doesn't seem to be as sturdy as the other and I can't seem to ever get the bungees cords to even out so my clothes are always leaning towards one side or the other. The umbra one is much cheaper than the Bed Bath and Beyond one but with the 20% and $5.00 off coupons they send out on a regular basis it makes them about the same! ( side note: Bed Bath and Beyond coupons never expire and you can use multiple ones in one transaction, which is a total plus.)

Because these are adjustable in terms off height and width I made mine fit about 75% of my closet width and used the remaining 25% for long maxi dresses and trench coats! This is what I think is so great about them - you can individualize them depending on what type of clothes you have more of! 
Bed Bath and Beyond Closet Rod (my personal favorite)
The steal bars keep everything sturdy and in place

Now we can't forget about the shelving on top! In a dorm utilizing your space is the key to fitting everything in it you could possibly want! I placed two canvas 12X12 inch bins (the ones from target) side by side and placed any tee shirts or sweatshirts I had in these! This was great because it got them out of my dresser drawers and gave me space for the remainder of my clothes. The fact that they were out of easy reach too made me sure that I didn't dress like a bum everyday to class! However, the days I just wasn't feeling it I would put in the extra effort to get them down lol. In the remaining tiny space on my shelf I would slide my shower caddy in there so it was off the floor and out of the way! 

You can kinda see the bins at the top of my closet!
I hope this blog post helped some of you with figuring out how to maximize the most out of your closet at college! 


August 4, 2013
Since starting up this blog a couple of weeks ago the amount of views I have been getting daily has truly blown me away... I never thought I would see the day when my blog got to 500 maybe even 1000 views. This might have been based on the fact that the last blog I had was up and running for 3 months and never got over 120 views... No like seriously that's all it ever got.

So when I logged on the other days and saw that 2700 of you had stopped by to see and read my blog (in one day... I might add) I knew it was time to treat you girlies to an even nicer and easier to navigate blog! I have found two designs on etsy that I am torn between and dont know which one I like better! They are both very sleek and clean lines and they are both black and white... MY TWO FAVORITE COLORS *read in Honey Boo Boo's Voice* 

Since I am currently 30,000 feet off the ground right now and writing this on my way to New York... I also want to inform you that upon my return on Monday I will be posting part 3 of my dorm decor series... Yes this time we are tackling the closet. After posting this the blog will be down for a short time while all the new renovations are added! Then I am coming back full swing as I have a ton more blog posts planned for you all! It seems I am getting the most views on the college/school posts I do so that will also be receiving its own page! 

Twitter, Instagram and a Facebook page for this blog will also be coming in the next few weeks or months so you can stay up to date on new posts! This will also be a great way for me to hear from you guys what kind of posts you want to see next! 

I still have no idea where exactly this blog will take me in the upcoming years but I am extremely excited to find out!


July 29, 2013
Last December I decided it was time to update my bed room from my little 13 year old green, teal, and zebra room to a grown up room! I made a pinterest board and got to work redesigning my bedroom. You can view my original pinterest board HERE.

This was my room before...

and after...

Ps. if you need any help with interior design ideas for your own room let me know in the comments below I'd love to help!


July 26, 2013
I have noticed one of the biggest places people tend to neglect style is the airport. Trust me I have been that girl before in the high school hoodie, dance team sweatpants, hair in a messy bun, no makeup, and if that's not bad enough I topped off that killer style with UGG boots. I totally understand that airplanes can be extremely uncomfortable and all you want to do is dress in your comfiest clothes but as I have gotten older I have discovered there are alternatives that are just as comfortable and you won't look like a hobo trotting through the airport.

Currently in hysterics at the images that came up when I typed "bad airport outfits" it's like the computer read my mind.

Don't lie I think we are all guilty of this one...

Okay so now let me show you the right way to arrive to any airport in style while still being extremely comfortable!

1.) Have a pair of jeans designated for the airport! These will take a while to find because you are going to want something that sits a little higher on your hips and has some stretch to them that will make you feel like you are seriously wearing some jean looking yoga pants! My favorite jeans when it comes to traveling are Express's Stella Regular Fit Barely Boot Cut Jean. These jean's are cotton/Lycra spandex... which for those of you that don't know Lycra is an extremely stretchy material that is used in almost all leotards for dancers and any form of athletic wear sold by Nike or Under Armor. I Can literally sit with my legs criss crossed in these jeans no problem! And they hold that tight jean shape all day where as most jeans begin to stretch out as the day goes on! These jeans are truly a gift from god!

2.) I like to keep it really basic when it comes to picking out a shirt! My typical go to shirt is an American Eagle Cami. A basic fitted tee shirt can also work for this as well.

3.) Planes do have a tendency of getting cold so I like to pack a comfy cardigan in my carry on with me! This is wear you can have fun and really show off your style cardigans come in all different colors and styles and are still extremely warm, comfortable, and stylish. Click HERE for a super cute one from Express that I just found while looking for a link the express jeans I talked about in tip 1. The best part is that when you get off the plane it is extremely easy to shove it into your luggage vs. having a big sweatshirt you have to carry around. 

4.) Last but not least you want to wear something easy to remove on your feet so going through security will be a breeze! Flats are a great way to add some extra color to your outfit and if done right pull the outfit all together. However, I understand that planes can still get a little chilly and flats probably won't provide your feet with that much warmth so I always pack some big comfy warm socks that I can throw on when I get on the plane and take off right before we exit the plane! 

5.) I also just tend to stick with a slicked back pony tail or sock bun for my hair so that its out of my face and I am not constantly messing with it! (that being said I think I tend to play with my hair a lot more than the average person so if having your hair down doesn't bother you than... MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!)

Hope you all enjoy this quick and simple post about how to still be trendy and comfortable while traveling! Check back soon for a post on what I take in my airport carry-on.

PS. I will be inserting a picture HERE of my completed airport outfit on Friday. (I honestly just didn't feel like getting dressed to take just one picture for this post when I knew I would be going to the airport on Thursday... lazy girl problems... does anyone know how to cure lazy girl problems lol... hit a girl up if you find out how.) 


    Guess what....

    I am going to New York for my BIRTHDAY!!!! Ahhhhh I am so excited to spend my birthday in my dream city with one of my best friends! (side note: my best friend Madison actually has been living in New York for the past month and a half doing an internship with Alvin Ailey! Why can't I be her... lol)

    So yea... I leave this upcoming Thursday and will there August 1st through the 5th!

    Some tentative plans as of now are

         1.) Go see Chicago on Broadway
         2.) Meet with my internship's corporate office (I am an Intern at Rent the Runway)
         3.) Window shop down 5th avenue
         4.) Visit the MET
         5.) Take the stereotypical tourist picture in Times Square

    I also have an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl and will probably try to visit as many places that they filmed at (side note 2: Blake Lively/Serena's style is perfection and Leighton Meester/Blair's lingerie in the show is just the classiest and sexiest stuff... I'm obsessed)

    I can't wait to share all my pictures with you girls when I get back!

    If you have visited New York and know some good hole in the wall food places, let me know in the comments below!


    July 24, 2013
    This is going to be a totally random post of some recent purchases I have made for my dorm room next year! I am not going to go into too much detail on how I plan on using everything because I will be doing a post later of my dorm room after I finish decorating it showing you how I used everything!

    Everything in this post was purchased at the Container Store except the scale which was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    I know I didn't go into any detail regarding the purchases but most are pretty self explanatory!


    I recently went to Express to buy the maxi dress that was on my recent Express wish-list (click HERE to see that post). I got such a killer deal on this dress that it has inspired me to start a series on my style page called Bargain Breakdown that shows what I bought and the deals I used to get the best bang for my buck.

    I am a big bargain shopper and will only buy things when I feel I got the best deal possible!

    Bargain Breakdown:

    Original Price - $88.00
    All Dresses on Sale 30% - $61.60
    Additional $15 off a purchase of $30 dollars or more - $46.60
    Additional $10 express next reward - $36.60

    With all discounts + tax = $38.99
    Total Savings = $49.01

    I hope you enjoyed this bargain break down!!! Feel free to share the best bargain deals you have found in the comments below.

    Stay Tuned for next weeks Bargain Breakdown from Cache!


    July 21, 2013
    I don't even know how to begin to introduce this page... Basically I was searching through YouTube one day when I discovered Rebecca Kelsey's channel and I will be honest if it hadn't been for the first video that I watched from her to have been learning to live minimally I probably would have ignored her channel and kept on going. However, after watching just one video on Rebecca's goal to learn how to live more minimally I was hooked.

    Now I could sit here and explain to you exactly what she talked about and how it inspired me to undergo this challenge as well but I would rather just let Rebecca do the talking and inspire you as well instead. You can see Rebecca's video about learning to live minimally by clicking HERE.

    Basically I found that everything Rebecca said was true ... I too have excessive amounts of products just sitting under my bathroom cabinets/ all over my shower ledge/ stuffed into the medicine cabinet/ etc. I am now to the point where I had to move my body lotion and and body sprays into my bathroom because they no longer fit... Don't believe me just look at the following photos listed below....


    On this new page I will update you monthly on the products I have used up and give you a little review about them as well :) oh did I mention I am not allowing my self to by an item until all similar items are used up and gone.... For example I will not let myself purchase any more lotion till the 7 bottles I have are completely gone....

    Hahah this is gonna take a while... Oh well... JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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