LN93 - DAY 2

July 8, 2014
It's our first official day in Paris! Wooohooo!

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Today we had quite the schedule but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I am so glad that our teachers and the International Programs (IP) office have set us up with such amazing excursions throughout our duration here!

For our first excursion we visited Lectra's headquarters. Lectra is a "Multi-national company, involved in integrated technology solutions for the textile, home interior, automotive, marine and aerospace industries." Of course we focused on the textile and fashion side of Lectra's business. The amount of integration Lectra has created for fashion companies is truly remarkable! In general terms now when the pattern maker edits something in one program it is updated on all other platforms as well and sent to the rest of the design team so everyone is in full communication with each other at all times.

 The most interesting piece of software I believe Lectra has created was their 3D textiles software. Basically a designer can import their designs and the software allows them to see how that garment would lay on a 3D model. They have absolutely every type of fabric imaginable in the system and with the click of a switch you can see how that garment would lay on the body with that fabric selection. This 3D software also helps when it come to the fitting and grading of fabrics but I won't go into that because unless you are a fashion major like me I can assure you that you would not find that interesting at all! Lol!

You can click HERE and HERE to see videos produced by Lectra that further show the use of this incredible 3D software! 

After visiting Lectra we visited the Galaries Lafayette (which to the average non fashion student would be considered a really fancy mall) and went on a walking tour. I was truly taken aback at the stunning architecture! I love how everything here is just so much more beautiful and artistically enriched.

These are two of the original twenty glass elevators. Only four of the original twenty are still left, those being, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

The visual merchandising in Paris has been absolutely stunning!

Hands down the best part of the walking tour was when we ended up on the rooftop and far off in the distance you could see the Eiffel Tower! This was the first time we had even spotted the Eiffel tower during our time there and I'm pretty sure it was the biggest group freak out I have ever seen! I have to be honest though when the tour guide was like okay we are now going to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to the roof I was like "Oh hell no!" Thankfully though the view was so breath taking it made every step worth it!

That night it was Tati's 22nd birthday and we decided to go out to a club approximately 15 minutes from our hotel. Well let's just say that we didn't realize we weren't going to be able to use our iPhone maps app due to lack of internet connection, and in turn ended up getting lost in the middle of Paris. I always say everything happens for a reason though because we eventually ran into other Americans and found a street lined with bars and continued to bar hop until 4 am in the morning. Word of advice when you have to be up at 6 am for school the text day do not stay out until 4 am the night before because you will basically feel like the walking dead. 

This is Jordana and Grace and they have basically become my partners in crime and I love them!

If you want to read all about my day post less than 2 hours of sleep the night before click HERE lol!
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