LN93 - DAY 1/PART 2

July 5, 2014
To be honest, I didn't quite know how to separate my complete "Day 1" experience when I had first started typing yesterday because truthfully it has all been "Day 1" to me seeing that I haven't slept in what is going on around 30+ hours. So if I start to sound a little delirious in this post please forgive me! If you want to find out why I wasn't able to get any sleep on the way over you can check out Day 1/Part 1 by clicking HERE

In my last post I left off with telling you all that eating breakfast on an international flight is a no go... at least it is for me that is... If there is one thing I hate more than anything it would have to be... drum roll please... being nauseous! Well once the nausea set it I was basically screwed because you know that feeling when you are about to throw up and you start getting hot flashes and your throat starts to get really wet... well that is exactly what happened to me. The girl sitting next to me must have thought I was dying of some disease because she was super friendly the entire trip an then the moment that plane landed around 10 minutes later she jumped up out of her seat faster than a bat out of hell! Oh well, what can you do?!

Exiting the air plane was pretty cool though because we were taken off by stairs directly onto the runway. I don't know why I have had such a fascination with exiting a plane on the runway but for some reason I do. So that was really neat for me!

Finding our way out of the airport was interesting because we couldn't read a single word but when in doubt follow the flow of the crowd!

 Once we got to our hotel and were settled in we went across the street and got some cute cappuccinos at the cafe across the street!

Afterwards we decided to walk around the city a little until orientation began and found some super cute alleys! I am so in love with the architecture here its crazy! Like why can't America look like this!?! Personally I now understand why David Siegel modeled his house after Versailles.

Before orientation we had a "Welcome Reception" which basically turned into lets all drink as much wine as we can before having to go sit in a two hour long orientation!

As much as I wanted to go out and drink with some of the girls in my major after orientation, my body just couldn't handle it. Instead my roommate Jordana and I just came back and basically fell asleep mid sentence with one another!

That's it for Day 1/Part 2!

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