June 27, 2014
Hi Girls!

Continuing on with my little summer series "What I wish I knew before Sorority Recruitment", I am bringing you today part 2! These are just little tips, statements, and advice that I believe you all should know before beginning your journey into Greek Life. I might add to these as I feel fit or have something pop into my mind that I think you all would benefit from knowing. I hope you enjoy these little tips and truly take them to heart!

You can find Part 1 by clicking HERE

  1. Your feet are going to hurt horribly. Accept it and keep moving. Don't be the girl that complains all day I promise everyone else is thinking the same thing.
  2. The girls who are rushing you don't care if you know everyone of their sisters. They want to know who you are and what makes you special! So don't name drop with hopes that it will help you get into a specific sorority.
  3. Even though the girls rushing you look perfect remember that they are normal human beings too! They just have sisters that are really good at doing hair and makeup and probably helped them get ready that morning. Don't feel intimidated.
  4. Don't be that girl that cries because she didn't get an invitation back to a certain sorority. The girls in that house know their sisterhood better than you and just think you would be a better asset to another sorority. By no means does this mean that they don't like you or that the girls in the house are mean because they didn't ask you back. Take this as a good thing because now you are one step closer to finding your perfect home away from home.
  5. Be respectful to every girl you meet during recruitment. Sorority girls can be found all over campus getting involved in a plethora of clubs and organizations. The last thing you want is a girl you were rude to in recruitment to end up being the president of the club you want to join later on in the year.
  6. Remember when picking out your outfits during the week that you will be talking to girls, not boys, that means make sure the "girls" are not out for play. Also make sure that all your shorts and skirts are of appropriate length. 
  7. If you are only concerned about being in a "top tier" sorority... why are you really rushing?
  8. A sorority should enhance your life not be the only aspect of your life.
  9. Recruitment is not something you should take lightly.
  10. Don't choose a house because of your friends! I can't stress this one enough and it is probably the one that the majority of girls fall into every year during recruitment. Your decision should be based solely on where you think you can thrive and become a better woman. 
  11. Just because you are a 4-time legacy to "said sorority" DOES NOT mean that you have to join that one. Sororities are different at every campus! A perfect story is a girl in my sorority transferred from USF and she tells us all the time that we are a 180 from her chapter there. Luckily she fell in love with our chapter and has turned into a wonderful addition to our chapter!
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