June 3, 2014
Hi lovelies,

Recently I have discovered the world of Alex and Ani. I must say if it weren't for being in a sorority I don't think I would have ever heard about the brand...I know that's bad to say especially since I am a Retail Merchandising major... Actually I take that back but I would have been late on the trend! Regardless, I first heard about them during big/little week when a lot of girls were getting their big
the Gamma Phi Beta Charm Bangle.

During my trip to New York City in March with my Rent The Runway team I purchased my first bangle. I ended up getting the Leo Horoscope Charm Bangle. There has always been something about horoscopes that has intrigued me. Maybe it's the fact that I can literally relate to anything written about a Leo...I feel like they are talking directly to my soul...cue you thinking I am a wacko right I also love that the Leo's "symbol" is a lion. Lions are strong, independent and dominant in the animal kingdom. All of which are qualities I strive to have in myself.

 The next two bangles I purchased were from my recent trip to Saint Martin and Saint Thomas in the beginning of May. I went on a cruise with my big in my sorority and we decided on getting matching initial charm bangles. Yes we are mildly obsessed with each other and like buying matching things. For example we just bought matching dresses from Express but that is another story for a different day.

I wish I could say that the second bangle I purchased had some form of significance but I just loved how delicate the starfish looked! But for the sake of this blog post I am just going to go with... It reminds me of the cruise I went on with my big this summer... lol but all jokes aside I just thought it was super cute and nautical! 

I am torn when it comes to making my next Alex and Ani purchase. I really like the FSU one but I still feel obligated to purchase the Gamma Phi Beta one. Maybe when I get a little in the fall she will purchase it for me... wink wink future little...  

Do you have any Alex and Ani bracelets?

I also just wanted to say a little thank you to anyone who takes time out of their day to visit this blog and put up with my rambling and not so frequent as I would like posts. You all mean more to me than you'll ever know!
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