January 8, 2014
Hey girls! 

I know it has been forever since I sat down and typed up a blog post for you all but as you can imagine college can get a little hectic sometimes! It took me the longest time to figure out how to manage (are you ready for this) : 5 classes, being a new member in a sorority, a internship with Rent the Runway, a campus rep position with Intern Queen, an officer for CMA, and still have time to hang out with friends!

However, I have turned into an extremely organized person and carry a planner around with me now at all times! So if you would like to get a further look into my life or have a crazy busy life like mine and need help keeping track of it all... KEEP READING!

I start off every semester by going through each syllabus for every class and highlighting all my assignments and tests. Once you have done this for all of your classes... transfer those dates into the calendar section of your planner! Then I move on to any clubs or organizations that I am involved in and add there important dates into my calendar as well. Make sure when writing in the calendar overview section of your planner that you write just enough information that you will know what it is ( you don't want to write a long paragraph about the specifics of an assignment or the specific time  you need to be at a meeting, save all of that information for the weekly overview of your planner)

Once you have written down all the important dates/assignments that you know about as of now, you are going to move on to the week by week section of your planner! Now what I do differently for this section of my planner, is that every sunday night I will sit down and transfer any thing from that week that is either due or something that I need to attend into this area (referring to the calendar section of your planner). 

I personally like having a calendar overview and weekly overview planner the best because you can see what you need to do or what is coming up in that month... all the while being able to flip to that specific week and see all your assignments and work in a less daunting manner. In the weekly overview I will also include the times that assignments are due at or what time I need to be at a certain club meeting or event for my sorority. This is the section of your planner that you write down the nuts and bolts of your life... If that makes sense LOL. 

Here is an example of what the weekly section of my planner usually looks like by the end of the week (note: this image was from September) 

Last but not least I got through and color coat everything! This might actually be my favorite part when going through and writing down everything in my planner! 

Pink: Club Meetings
Yellow: Class Assignments and Tests
Blue: Internships
Green: Sorority Events

Hope this helped you all!

If you have any request for posts or any questions about my planner organization feel free to leave a comment! I love talking to you all!
  1. Hi my name is Kacie and I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Its very helpful! I'm actually going to be a freshman in college next year and I was a little concerned about storage but you have given me some great ideas! Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Kacie!!! I don't know how I missed seeing your comment until now :( but it warms my heart hearing you find my blog helpful! I remember going into college and not having a good source to go to for information and what was the best storage systems and what not! So I am so happy you think that this blog is useful because that is what its main purpose is :) If you ever want advice or me to do a blog post regarding a certain topic let me know!

      Much Love,

  2. I am going into my third semester of grad school and this post was perfect! What planner are you using? I need one so I can steal your organizational ideas :)

    1. Heyy! So glad you found this post helpful! I swear once you get a system down it is the holy grail! In this post I was using Lily Pulitzer's Planner and I loved it! It was extremely colorful and fun! Every month their is new artwork so it's definitely easy to stay motivated to write in it!

      This year I am using Kate Spade's Planner! I absolutely love how delicate and grown up this one feels!

      So it's really your preference but I think either are great and both work with my planner organization!

      Hope this helped <3 Lauren


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