August 4, 2013
Since starting up this blog a couple of weeks ago the amount of views I have been getting daily has truly blown me away... I never thought I would see the day when my blog got to 500 maybe even 1000 views. This might have been based on the fact that the last blog I had was up and running for 3 months and never got over 120 views... No like seriously that's all it ever got.

So when I logged on the other days and saw that 2700 of you had stopped by to see and read my blog (in one day... I might add) I knew it was time to treat you girlies to an even nicer and easier to navigate blog! I have found two designs on etsy that I am torn between and dont know which one I like better! They are both very sleek and clean lines and they are both black and white... MY TWO FAVORITE COLORS *read in Honey Boo Boo's Voice* 

Since I am currently 30,000 feet off the ground right now and writing this on my way to New York... I also want to inform you that upon my return on Monday I will be posting part 3 of my dorm decor series... Yes this time we are tackling the closet. After posting this the blog will be down for a short time while all the new renovations are added! Then I am coming back full swing as I have a ton more blog posts planned for you all! It seems I am getting the most views on the college/school posts I do so that will also be receiving its own page! 

Twitter, Instagram and a Facebook page for this blog will also be coming in the next few weeks or months so you can stay up to date on new posts! This will also be a great way for me to hear from you guys what kind of posts you want to see next! 

I still have no idea where exactly this blog will take me in the upcoming years but I am extremely excited to find out!
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