August 15, 2013
This is just going to be a super quick post about how to make moving into your dorm the quickest and easiest for everyone. Packing has actually been the reason why I have been missing in action this past week... it's literally consuming my life and I can't wait to be settled back into Tallahassee this Sunday!

1.) Start off by going to your local U-haul or any store that sells packing boxes. You are going to want to put EVERYTHING that you are taking in these boxes... there should be absolutely no individual items laying around when you are done with this step. 

However, if you do have big bulky things that will not fit in a box those can be left out. Almost all dorms will have dollies available for you to use during move in and now that all your things are in boxes you will easily be able to stack everything and cut your amount of trips to and from your car in half.

2.) When packing your closet pick out all the clothes you plan on taking and than cut that amount in half! Side note: unless you have read my "College Dorm Decor Series Part 3" than baby pack as much clothes as you want because I assure you, you will have no problem fitting it all ;). 

Remember to take into account the temperature of the city you are moving to. For example, in Tallahassee it doesn't get cold until the end of November or early December so I am only packing my absolute favorite jeans and leaving the rest of them at home.

3.) If you are rushing a sorority pack the clothes and makeup that you will need for the first couple days in a separate bag that way if all your boxes don't end up getting opened on move-in day you will still have your outfits in easy reach and wont be digging through boxes the morning of. 

Hope these simple tips helped some of you and will make your move in process a tad less stressful! 

I can't wait to share with you guys my dorm room for this year once I finish decorating it this weekend!
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