August 26, 2013
Hey there girly girls!

So as we all know or if you are new to this blog... Welcome!... I am back at school! Now this brings good and bad so because I have always wanted to know the bad news first I am going to start off with that.

Bad: Due to my schedule and all of the clubs, organization, and sorority events I am apart of, the only days that I will be able to upload to this blog will be Tuesday and Thursday with an occasional post on Sunday!

Good: I am so stoked to be back at school and I have lots of information to share with you! No like literally... a lot of stuff! Just some of my posts that I have planned are...

1.) Rush Outfits and Recruitment 101
2.) Lights will guide you home (About my sorority)
3.) July and August empties
4.) Waltz and Socials OOTN

I am also a blogger for Rent the Runway on campus this year, a blogger for Loreal Paris, and a new campus ambassador for The Intern Queen! Through these opportunities I learn tons of valuable information that I think my college gals especially will find extremely interesting!

I can't wait to get this year started!
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