August 6, 2013
"But how am I going to fit all my clothes into my tiny dorm room!" If you have ever said this than you are in the right place! Today we are going to tackle the closet and how to maximize our space to hold the most clothes.

Most closets in college are the width of the average door with one rod going across and a shelf at the top with about 2 feet of space above it. Now for me this only held about all my dressier shirts and a few blazers... uhmm hellooo what was a supposed to do with all my pants and dresses that were still packed in boxes...

The solution: a double hanging rod that gives you double the amount of hanging space!!! I know pretty exciting if you ask me. These are sold in pretty much any home organizational store; for example Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store.

This is the Umbra Bungee System from the container store

I don't like the bungee system that this one runs on
I have tried both the one the Container Store sells and the one that Bed Bath and Beyond sells and I must say I do favor the one from Bed Bath and Beyond! Now I'm not saying that the umbra one is bad but it just doesn't seem to be as sturdy as the other and I can't seem to ever get the bungees cords to even out so my clothes are always leaning towards one side or the other. The umbra one is much cheaper than the Bed Bath and Beyond one but with the 20% and $5.00 off coupons they send out on a regular basis it makes them about the same! ( side note: Bed Bath and Beyond coupons never expire and you can use multiple ones in one transaction, which is a total plus.)

Because these are adjustable in terms off height and width I made mine fit about 75% of my closet width and used the remaining 25% for long maxi dresses and trench coats! This is what I think is so great about them - you can individualize them depending on what type of clothes you have more of! 
Bed Bath and Beyond Closet Rod (my personal favorite)
The steal bars keep everything sturdy and in place

Now we can't forget about the shelving on top! In a dorm utilizing your space is the key to fitting everything in it you could possibly want! I placed two canvas 12X12 inch bins (the ones from target) side by side and placed any tee shirts or sweatshirts I had in these! This was great because it got them out of my dresser drawers and gave me space for the remainder of my clothes. The fact that they were out of easy reach too made me sure that I didn't dress like a bum everyday to class! However, the days I just wasn't feeling it I would put in the extra effort to get them down lol. In the remaining tiny space on my shelf I would slide my shower caddy in there so it was off the floor and out of the way! 

You can kinda see the bins at the top of my closet!
I hope this blog post helped some of you with figuring out how to maximize the most out of your closet at college! 

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