July 20, 2013
We are... Used up and headed for the trash

1. ) I really enjoyed this conditioner on the tips of my hair!!! I noticed that when I used it on the scalp and all over it weighed down my hair... Which goes against what it claims... However for the tips of your hair this stuff is awesome.

2.) Okay I know you are only supposed to have mascara for a maximum of three months but I have had this one over 2 years... yes I know... YUCK! However because it was so used up it was literally just perfect for coating my bottom lashes with just enough mascara to make them look black instead of brown. However, I do remember loving this stuff for my upper lashes when I first got it. I will definitely repurchase this sometime in the future. I actually only have two mascara's right now, both of which are due to be thrown out so I am excited to get a new one soon! Even better I won't be breaking the "Learning to Live Minimally" challenge since I am completely out of a product I am allowed to repurchase.

3.) I saw this at Ulta at check out and had heard great things about it and decided the deluxe sample was the best way to test it with out purchasing it full price. I loved this product the first 3 or 4 times then I feel like the quality of the product started to decrease. When I shook the bottle I could hear product but would get no "Fresh out of the shower Hair" results. However, I have had this same problem with the TIGI Rockoholic Dry Shampoo... Loved it the first 4 times then it did nothing. 

I will have to think about repurchasing this one but if I do it will not be any time soon. 

4.) This has to be my all time favorite scent ever! I would repurchase this over and over! I look forward to finishing all my other lotions so I can go buy I new bottle of this.

5.) This was gifted to me when I rented a dress from Rent The Runway. I fell in love with it and am once again wishing I could just use up all my face washes tomorrow so I can go repurchase this one... It was super gentle on the eyes and skin.  My skin never once felt dry or tight after using this product. However my forever favorite is the Murad Acne cleanser but I will do a whole separate post on that!!!

6.) These were also gifted to me as well from Rent the Runway and are probably hands down the best makeup removing towelettes I have ever used! They get all your eye makeup off (you do have to rub a little but not much)

7.) I absolutely hated these and the only reason why I ended up using them is because my mom bought them for herself than ended up not liking them either... So of course being the nice daughter that I am said I would finish them for her. They were no where near wet enough to cleanse your face and I would find that when I would wash my face with a cleanser after using one of these... my wash cloth would have tons of makeup on it.

8.) Last but not least I finished a little sample tooth paste. There isn't really anything I can say besides it was tooth paste and cleaned my teeth lol.
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