July 16, 2013
Going into college I was uncertain if Greek life was right for me... I really wanted to take the time to get familiar with the college lifestyle before undertaking a huge commitment. At FSU a sorority can take up to 10-15 hours a week of your time and during your first semester the amount of hours can increase to 15-20 hours a week. However, I promised myself that if I maintained good grades my first year at FSU I would rush this upcoming year. So after maintaining a 3.65 my freshman year of college I have decided to take the plunge into Greek life.

Rush week at FSU is a total of 6 days and I plan on doing a post in the upcoming weeks on my outfits for each day of rush. 

The battle I faced today was taking a picture to attach to my recruitment application! My good friend Kaitlyn who is in a sorority at UCF and is on the recruitment board for her sorority gave me some great tips on how to take the best picture possible that will really catch a sororities eye.

1.) you want to take a half body shot 
2.) wear a bright color
3.) and most of all look like yourself!

Kaitlyn said you DON'T want to submit a picture of you where you are too made it up. Your picture should look exactly like you plan to look when you are participating in rush. These pictures in most sororities will be displayed on a projector like screen at the end of each night of rush and will be used as a reference ( meaning so they can recall what you look like ) to decide if they are going to keep you for the next round. 

After hearing all of Kaitlyn's tips this is the picture I ended up submitting with my application.

I look forward to sharing this exciting part of my life with you all!
2 comments on "I'M JOINING A SORORITY"
  1. I'm so excited to hear that you've decided to rush a sorority! I go to the University of Arkansas (an SEC school - so recruitment when you're going through or preparing on the other side is basically like prepping for the olympics...but in the most awesome way). Sorority commitments can take up a lot of time, on that you're right. However, I find that most of it is enjoyable and well worth it. Being in a sorority has only enriched my life.

    I think you picked a great picture to attach to your resume. I only wish I knew what I do know when I went through - my picture was less than stellar. On the other side of things (as a member), reference is a really important part. We get acquainted with you over and over again by your picture and it's always a little discouraging/confusing when a girl doesn't look like the picture you've been staring at for a week. I think yours in spot on and adorable!

    I hope you have the best rush experience possible! <3

    1. AWH thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to leave me such a sweet comment! I'm glad to hear that you approve of the picture I chose <3 I look forward to everything rush week and greek life has to offer!


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