July 26, 2013
I have noticed one of the biggest places people tend to neglect style is the airport. Trust me I have been that girl before in the high school hoodie, dance team sweatpants, hair in a messy bun, no makeup, and if that's not bad enough I topped off that killer style with UGG boots. I totally understand that airplanes can be extremely uncomfortable and all you want to do is dress in your comfiest clothes but as I have gotten older I have discovered there are alternatives that are just as comfortable and you won't look like a hobo trotting through the airport.

Currently in hysterics at the images that came up when I typed "bad airport outfits" it's like the computer read my mind.

Don't lie I think we are all guilty of this one...

Okay so now let me show you the right way to arrive to any airport in style while still being extremely comfortable!

1.) Have a pair of jeans designated for the airport! These will take a while to find because you are going to want something that sits a little higher on your hips and has some stretch to them that will make you feel like you are seriously wearing some jean looking yoga pants! My favorite jeans when it comes to traveling are Express's Stella Regular Fit Barely Boot Cut Jean. These jean's are cotton/Lycra spandex... which for those of you that don't know Lycra is an extremely stretchy material that is used in almost all leotards for dancers and any form of athletic wear sold by Nike or Under Armor. I Can literally sit with my legs criss crossed in these jeans no problem! And they hold that tight jean shape all day where as most jeans begin to stretch out as the day goes on! These jeans are truly a gift from god!

2.) I like to keep it really basic when it comes to picking out a shirt! My typical go to shirt is an American Eagle Cami. A basic fitted tee shirt can also work for this as well.

3.) Planes do have a tendency of getting cold so I like to pack a comfy cardigan in my carry on with me! This is wear you can have fun and really show off your style cardigans come in all different colors and styles and are still extremely warm, comfortable, and stylish. Click HERE for a super cute one from Express that I just found while looking for a link the express jeans I talked about in tip 1. The best part is that when you get off the plane it is extremely easy to shove it into your luggage vs. having a big sweatshirt you have to carry around. 

4.) Last but not least you want to wear something easy to remove on your feet so going through security will be a breeze! Flats are a great way to add some extra color to your outfit and if done right pull the outfit all together. However, I understand that planes can still get a little chilly and flats probably won't provide your feet with that much warmth so I always pack some big comfy warm socks that I can throw on when I get on the plane and take off right before we exit the plane! 

5.) I also just tend to stick with a slicked back pony tail or sock bun for my hair so that its out of my face and I am not constantly messing with it! (that being said I think I tend to play with my hair a lot more than the average person so if having your hair down doesn't bother you than... MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!)

Hope you all enjoy this quick and simple post about how to still be trendy and comfortable while traveling! Check back soon for a post on what I take in my airport carry-on.

PS. I will be inserting a picture HERE of my completed airport outfit on Friday. (I honestly just didn't feel like getting dressed to take just one picture for this post when I knew I would be going to the airport on Thursday... lazy girl problems... does anyone know how to cure lazy girl problems lol... hit a girl up if you find out how.) 
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