July 15, 2013
So after many months of being too lazy to go to Ulta and purchase a new eye makeup remover I finally did it! I really wanted to get something worth my money and that was going to remove every trace of waterproof mascara on my lashes. I used to use the waterproof makeup remover from Sephora (it's the one that is like half blue/ clear). I really liked that one a lot but I felt like I had to use so much of it to get all the mascara off my lashes. Well today when I was in Ulta I narrowed it down to two removers - The Philosophy Just release me and The Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent. They were both priced at $18.00 and had 5 star reviews on about every website/blog I looked up. What was the final deciding factor was that with the Philosophy one I got 6 fl. oz. vs. the Clinique which came with 4.2 fl. oz.

Okay so enough about why I chose the remover that I did... Let's get into first impressions!

I am obsessed with this product so far! Removing my eye makeup tonight was the easiest it has been in months. After shaking the product up inside I poured some on a cotton pad and than let it set on my eyes for about 5-10 seconds before rubbing the dissolved mascara and eyeshadow off. This is an oil-free makeup remover with the power of an oil without the greasy feel of an oil remover. This product is truly remarkable and I can tell me and this remover are going to have a long relationship!

Did I mention it looks great sitting on my bathroom counter top as well... I'm a sucker for pretty colored products and packaging.

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