July 9, 2013
Hello fellow fashionistas of the world!

I welcome you to what I hope will be a website that not only I love creating for you but something you love to read. My name is Lauren and I am an 18 (soon to be 19) year old student attending Florida State University, where I am majoring in RMPD (Retail Merchandising and Product Development). I hope to one day live in New York City and be surrounded by/work in high end fashion. However, for now I am just a small town girl that wants to share my love for fashion, makeup, and home decor/organization with you! For a while I tried making a YouTube channel but when it came time to film, edit, and upload the footage it all just seemed like to much for me. I think blogging is much more up my ally based on the fact that I can just wake up in the morning or before bed and type a little bit. Overall I am extremely excited to be starting this blog and hope to continue it throughout college and into my life as an adult. Won't it be funny if one day you are reading this blog and I am actually living in New York doing what is only a dream now.... Crazy how time flies.

PS. this blog will be changing a lot in terms of design and layout through out the next couple of months so bear with me!

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